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Stars Whose Rings Got Bigger With Each Engagement

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Heidi Klum & Seal
Seal proposed to Heidi Klum in 2004 and gave her an enormous yellow diamond that was between 8 and 10 carats. It had an estimated worth of $150,000. The couple divorced in 2012. The couple share three children: Henry, Johan, and Lou. "Not only do I love my husband for the obvious reasons (ahem, his sex appeal), but also he is one of the kindest, most loving men I have ever met. He is sexy to me because he is fearless and not afraid to show emotions. He is a supersexy, hot kisser and... he is sexy to me because he can be singing in front of 25,000 people one minute and, the next, be changing our daughter's diaper. We have no daily grind. But that's because of the jobs we have. Or when we do experience it, we're happy about it. So it's mostly that we love and respect each other. I think if you give your best as a parent, then that's all you can do. We do have so much fun as a family. We try to go on adventures and outings: to the movies, the circus, Disneyland. It's important for children to see what's out there and learn that it's fun to go. It's fun for us as parents, too, to experience things again through their eyes," the model told RedBook Magazine back in 2010.