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Stars Whose Rings Got Bigger With Each Engagement

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Katy Perry & Russell Brand
Russell Brand proposed to Katy Perry in 2010 on New Year’s Eve while having a candle-lit dinner in India. Perry's vintage-inspired Cartier ring featured a diamond on a gold band. They split after 14 months of marriage. In 2017, Brand opened up in an interview with Us Weekly about how he has changed after the marriage ended. "I’ve changed a lot in the last five years. I don’t compare my relationships now to previous relationships out of respect to my present wife and to Katy Perry. I think I’m an easier person to be with now. I’m also in a very different situation. I’m dependent on my wife. In relationships, there is always going to be a level of dependency. But I try not to project my problems onto other people and perhaps I’ve not always been like that.I want to help more people get into recovery. I want to help people become conscious of their addictions. I want to help people look at the world differently and pursue goals that are for their benefit and not to the benefit of other people. [Fatherhood] has made me recognize that what I want and what I need is not important. It’s what [my daughter] wants and what she needs. That’s a good thing because I can be a very self-obsessed guy," Brand said.