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Stars Whose Rings Got Bigger With Each Engagement

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In our celebrity-obsessed culture, we're always wondering which A-lister is dating who. We want to know who is sneaking out on dates, who is moving into whose $8 million dollar home, and who just bent down on one knee to pop the question. And once the question is asked, everyone cranes their necks to see how big the diamond ring is. But some celebs have received more than one proposal while in the limelight, and each ring is more impressive than the next.

When you have celeb engagement rings from different partners, you can't help but wonder how the baubles differ from one another. To satisfy that curiosity, ahead are some of the best celeb engagement rings from different proposals. Some of the marriages fizzled almost as fast they were sealed. Others went on to stay married for years and have families. While others moved from partner to partner until they found The One.

Check out some of the most impressive diamonds in Hollywood history, and see how the engagement rings changed over the years. From sapphires, to pink stones, to classic diamonds, these million dollar jewels are quite the impressive collection. Which of these celebrity engagement rings would you wear?