15 Reasons to Adore Jenny Slate

There's a lot to love about this actress, comedian, and social media queen.

15 Reasons to Adore Jenny Slate
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The comedian, actress, and social media queen has a lot going for her, but her irreverent humor and eccentric personality are just a few of many reasons to love her.

1. She’s a middle child who blossomed.

2. She was her high school valedictorian.

3. As someone who studied literature at Columbia, she gives hope to all other English majors.

4. She founded Fruit Paunch, an improv group at Columbia University.

5. She took an astronomy class thinking it was astrology, which is hilarious.

6. She accidentally said the f-word on her first ever SNL skit, which is proooobably why her contract wasn’t renewed.

7. But that’s okay, because she’s doing amazing on her own.

8. She had a full on amazing freak-out when she realized people on Twitter could see what tweets she favorites, which were all compliments about her

15 Reasons to Adore Jenny Slate

9. She’s starred on shows like Bob’s Burgers, Parks and Recreation and Kroll Show.

10. She wrote and starred in her first movie, Obvious Child, where she thoughtfully and hilariously handled the topic of abortion.

11. Oh, you know the Internet’s favorite “Marcel The Shell with Shoes On?” Yeah, that was her.

12. And she made another.

13. And another.

14. She proudly identifies as a feminist.

15. She’s a female comedian, one the most difficult jobs in the industry, and she absolutely nails it.