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Constantly being in the public eye, there's a lot of pressure on celebrities to look their very best. While eating healthy and staying active is undoubtedly the safest most straight-forward method, you better believe that's not the only thing celebrities do in order to look exactly how they want. 

Considering we're a culture obsessed with this A-list scene, their health and diet secrets are no exception to our never-ending curiosity and fascination. I mean, who wouldn't want to know how Jennifer Lopez has maintained her insanely fit body throughout all these years? We certainly do. 

Whether it's a food they eat every day, a specific diet, or a lack there of, we have the inside scoop on the hacks these celebrities swear by. We'll be honest, some of these are pretty extreme, so definitely consult your health care professional before changing your diet and adopting any of these practices.

Nonetheless, here are all your favorite celebrities' health and diet secrets. Which of these do you think are actually legit?