The Two Things You (Probably) Have in Common With Blake Lively

The Two Things You (Probably) Have in Common With Blake Lively
(Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Europe)We already knew we would be BFFLs with Blake Lively, but her recent interview with The Cut only confirmed what we already suspected. In the interview, Lively revealed she's actually a pretty normal, everyday woman—just with really good hair. And other than making us adore her even more, she also made us realize we share two of the same indulgences: a love of cookies and Ryan Reynolds.

Lively shared her love of food and even declared that "chefs are like my rock stars" and that "you cannot be around me without talking about food." Samesies.

And like many of us around the holidays, Lively consumes large amounts of sweets. Namely cookies.

"We mostly survive off cookies," she said. "Double chocolate, chocolate cream cheese, chocolate pecan, peanut-butter chocolate, peanut-butter cookies, oatmeal, sugar cookies. We make just a huge vat of dough, of about eight different kinds, and then we are done in a few days and have to make another batch."

Really, the similarities are uncanny.

As for the other habit we also share? Turns out we share a tendency to re-pin pics of Ryan Reynolds. That's right, Blake Lively has a secret Pinterest account, where she looks up hair photos and re-pins pics of her hunky hubby. We told you the similarities were creepy.

So there you have it, folks. Just proof that Blake Lively and you probably have more in common than you thought.

The Two Things You (Probably) Have in Common With Blake Lively
(Gf/Bauer Griffin)Read the complete interview with Lively at The Cut.
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