Ke$ha's Second Baby-G Watch Launches this Month

Ke$ha's Second Baby-G Watch Launches this Month
(Getty Images) Kesha is designing her second watch for the Baby-G line

Ke$ha fans, just in case you missed your favorite celebrity's first collaboration with watchmaker Baby-G last year, don't worry—the popstar is back for an encore! That's right, Ke$ha has renewed her design collaboration with Baby-G and will be releasing a brand-new watch this month.

The new limited-edition Ke$ha Baby-G watch launch coincides with the release of Warrior, the singer's second studio album. And the watch itself was inspired by her personal style evolution.

"Just like music, fashion is a form of expression," Ke$ha said. "And as you might have been able to tell, I'm all about expressing myself. Having a good time with your style is so important, and that's why I'm thrilled with the design of my new go-to accessory with Baby-G."
Ke$ha's Second Baby-G Watch Launches this MonthSurprisingly, Ke$ha's second Baby-G design is quite, um, classic (which is not a word we'd generally associate with the daring, envelope-pushing star). The watch is white and semi-glossy and features a gold pinstripe band around it—complete with Ke$ha's logo and Roman numerals on its face. What's really cool? the watch's "Neon Illuminator" which, under black light (because we're alwaaaays under black light, duh) reveals special marks on the hour and minute hands.

Are you going to be springing for Ke$ha's newest Baby-G creation? Maybe for a special holiday treat? Tell us what you think in the comments, below.
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