Obsessed: Kristen Stewart's Tuxedo Jeans

Obsessed: Kristen Stewart's Tuxedo Jeans
(FameFlyNet) Kristen Stewart appeared on the Today Show this morning.

It's only 10 days until Breaking Dawn premieres in theaters around the world—and Twilight star Kristen Stewart has already hit the ground running on her promotional media tour. This morning, the stylish star stopped by the Today Show studios to talk about how her character evolves in the fourth film in the vampire franchise.

"It did always feel that if you took [away] the fact that she was a vampire, she was a fully-realized version of who you always knew she could be," Stewart said on Today. "She's always been self-assured. It's just that on the oustide, you know, fear is a funny thing when you're at that age. It can be a motivator, it can cripple you. Bella has always been the type of person to... once one of those walls are broken down, she doesn't try to build it back up."

One thing we couldn't take our eyes off of when Kristen Stewart was on Today were her super-cool jeans—sleek, figure-hugging ankle-length pants with a slick tuxedo-stripe down the side. Are you as obsessed with KStew's jeans as we are? We know exactly where to get them.

Stewart's Today Show jeans come from Hudson—they're the "LouLou" tuxedo crop skinny jeans in "Jones" (that's black). They're $198 and you can snag a pair for yourself right here.

Are you super-excited about Breaking Dawn? Tell us what you're going to be wearing to the premiere, in the comments below!
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