Can You Guess Which Celebrity Wore These Boots?

Can You Guess Which Celebrity Wore These Boots?
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We'll give you a hint. These boots should not be made for walking...

Jessica Simpson in Baggy Clothes
Yep—JSimps! It looks like the "Jessica Simpson Maternity Wear Watch: Round Two" is officially underway. Although the singer has yet to deny or confirm the pregnancy rumors, this baggy black sweater and fuzzy boot combo certainly points us to assume the latter.

Then again, Simpson really isn't known for wearing practical footwear while pregnant, now is she? And so the mystery continues.

Either way, bun in the oven or no, we're curious—what do you think about these boots? Cozy and cute? Or furry monstrosity? Cast your vote in our poll and sound off with your opinion in the comments section, below:

Poll: What are your thoughts on Jessica Simpson's boots?
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  • Love! They look warm and cozy.
  • Loathe! Chains? Horn Toggles? FUR? Yuck.
  • Wait, that's not a character from Monster's Inc?

Also, just in case shaggy chain-link footwear actually happens to be your thing, we tracked down the horn-tooth toggle boots on the Interwebs in a chestnut color, here, for your purchasing pleasure. Enjoy!