Why Nicky Hilton Never Wears a Dress on a First Date

Find out the fashion expert, designer and author's reasoning, along with other date night style tips.

Nicky Hilton's Date Night Style Tips
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From making Vogue's "Best Dressed in America" list at age 16 to designing everything from jewelry to handbags and clothing (including this sweet capsule collection for eLUXE), it's safe to say Nicky Hilton knows a thing or two about style. The heiress recently launched her first book, 365 Style, which is packed to the brim with tips and tricks she's learned throughout her very-fashionable life. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we thought it would be fun to sit down with the author—and bride-to-be!—to learn all about her date night essentials. Read on for Hilton's tips!

What's your favorite thing to wear on date night?
"My go-to date night outfit is leather pants or skinny jeans with a not-too-femme but pretty top and a fitted blazer."

What wardrobe necessity is ideal for any date night outfit?
"A leather jacket is great for a date night. It's effortless and cool. I love pairing a motorcycle-style jacket with jeans and a T-shirt or a dress and booties." 

What is your personal wardrobe must-have ? 
"I always have a fabulous purse. A great bag can make an ordinary outfit extraordinary!"

Nicky Hilton's Date Night Style Tips

What makes for the best date night?
"I think the best date night is one where you can stay in, cook a meal together and just enjoy each other’s company."

When you're not staying in with your man, what do you like to do?
"I feel like I'm a kid at heart so I like to do fun things like go to a carnival or an arcade. I know it sounds silly, but it's fun!"

First date: Play it safe with your wardrobe choices or go all out?
"I like to play it safe. I never wear a dress on a first date. I think it comes across as trying too hard. I prefer a sexy top with leather leggings or skinny jeans and fun accessories."

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What about makeup?
"I mix it up. Depends on the guy, the venue, weather, etc. You have to take all those things into consideration." 

What products are you loving right now? 
"I'm loving Charlotte Tilbury's new makeup line. She has amazing eye shadows and bronzers." 

Any must-know beauty tips?
"I recommend using baby powder instead of dry shampoo. It smells great and absorbs any oil."

Besides the outfit, do you have any dating tips to share?
"Always act like a lady. And I'm old fashioned, but I always wait for the guy to call first after the date."

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