Holiday Comfort Dressing: Match It Up

Holiday Comfort Dressing: Match It Up(Source: FameFlynet Pictures, Bauer Griffin )

Whether you're single, "it's complicated," or all ringed up, the holidays tend to bring out our subconscious desires. Think about it: the pressure is on to be Happy with a capital H. Often, family is involved (as are all the related triggers), or we're out of our usual routine and comfort zones, not only sartorially, but emotionally. Even if you're in the fortuitous position of not having to explain to your boyfriend's Nana for the upteenth time that chicken IS meat and therefore not part of a vegetarian regime, the stakes are high and everything is all crazy.

Which brings us to the stylistic result of these ho-ho-holiday neuroses: wanting to connect, or, if you will, to literally "match" (pop psychology 101 translation: to belong) with someone you love. (f not your paramour, maybe it's your sister, best friend, or dog. While the American Psychiatric Association would likely raise some eyebrows at my admittedly convenient theory, for posterity's sake, I'd like to offer up a case in point: the gorgeous Zoe Saldana. The actress was spotted shopping at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills with her husband Marco Perego. Lo and behold, the adorable lovebirds were both wearing suspenders! While Zoe wore hers falling below the waist as accessories, and Marco rocked his old-school (i.e. they kept his pants up), they were two accessorized peas in a pod.

Certainly, Zoe and Marco aren't the only couple to subtly match it up once in awhile. Gwen Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale looked similar, too, when spotted in L.A. just the other day. (Their hair even matched.) Remember the case of couple Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish, who always seem to look made for each other? And how about Shakira's color coordination with her soccer-playing love Gerard Pique? Coincidence? I think not. Still not convinced? Scroll down for more stylistic evidence. And in the name of keeping the holiday peace at home, don't be afraid to offer your sis a matching T-shirt if it makes you feel better. Whatever gets you through the night, lovelies. Happy holidays!

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