How Jessica Simpson Made Her Fashion Line a Huge Success

The singer and retail mogul revealed what catapulted her line to the top, her formula for everyday style and why she owes her love of fashion to cowboy boots.

(Source: Teen Vogue; Getty Images)

We've seen Jessica Simpson in many roles—chart-topping singer, Daisy Duke, reality TV show judge, fashion designer and business woman—but we never thought we'd see her as a dean. She took on that role as a speaker at Teen Vogue's annual Fashion University last weekend. The event welcomed more than 550 students looking to learn more about the fashion industry from top influencers.

When it comes to launching a clothing brand, Simpson has succeeded where few other celebrities have. Her namesake line—which features 30 categories from apparel to accessories and shoes—now rakes in $1 billion per year. Clearly, Simposon was a perfect fit for speaking to the "Business of Fashion" concentration.

We stole a few minutes with the star to chat about what makes her collection appeal to so many women, how she first fell in love with fashion and the key to her personal style.

What has your experience been like knowing that all these young people, some aspiring designers,  look up to you?
"I'm inspired by everybody here today. It's amazing to come full circle and know what it was like to actually dream of having what I have right now. It's amazing to look into the eyes of all these girls and to try and understand their perspectives. I think it makes me a better designer. It makes me a better person and it makes me appreciate where I am."

I buy some things at Urban Outfitters, but I also buy some things at Barneys .

How Jessica Simpson Made Her Fashion Line a Huge Success
(Source: Teen Vogue)

What is one piece of advice you've held on to while building your business?
"I've definitely held on to my mom throughout my career. She can say what looks good and what doesn't, but she also is the one who has inspired me so much. I think that's why the Jessica Simpson collection has become a brand that reaches and appeals to women of all ages because my mom's in there, I'm in there, Maxwell my daughter is in there, my sister's in there and my Nana. It's every age."

What piece of clothing made you first fall in love with fashion?
"I would definitely say it was my first pair of cowboy boots. I was young when I had them, probably 12. And they were red!"

How would you say your fashion sense has evolved through the years?
"I don't even know if people understand my style. It's definitely all over the place because I love fashion but I also love comfort. I like to mix and match. So, I would say that I'm definitely your everyday girl but I will spend the money too. I buy some things at Urban Outfitters, but I also  buy some things at Barneys and mix it all together."

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