Celebrity Tweet Style: Paris Hilton Hearts Hervé Léger

(Photo Agency, Pacific Coast News)

Paris Hilton
Dream of hitting Rodeo as if it were your own personal closet? Live vicariously through Paris Hilton who, via Twitter, is more than happy to share her fashionable forays in the world:

ParisHilton Just went to Herve Leger and got all the hottest new styles. I love Herve, the dresses have the best fit and are so sexy on. Loves it!

Hermes Fall 2010
Heidi Montag also shared a very sophisticated sartorial lust en tweet today, proving you should never judge a fashionista by her cover:

heidimontag I love the new Hermes Fall Collection! http://bit.ly/aMbOST

Whitney Port shoots for OK! mag
Whitney Port, meanwhile, was all about summer, sporting acid wash shorts in the a.m. and a tank for a fitness shoot later on:

whitneyEVEport Today's look: acid wash. Just met up with Paigey and she's in pink acid wash jeans and I'm in blue acid wash shorts. Twinsies!

whitneyEVEport Looks like my scalp got a little too much sun in Hawaii... http://bit.ly/cOWqJL

whitneyEVEport http://bit.ly/diWzLY this was quite the exhausting photo shoot!!

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