Courtney Love Is Fashion-Crazy and Bloggin' It

(Bauer Griffin, Getty Images)

Courtney Love in bed with a Birkin on her blog,
There's a lot to be said for the sartorial presence that is Courtney Love who, god bless her, sure does clean up nice! But whether you love Court most as an edgy rock goddess in a Givenchy gown or as a stained grunge icon who accessorizes with last night's makeup, one thing is certain: Girl is fashion crazy! And, she's got a new blog to prove it.

At least, we're assuming that What Courtney Wore Today is new: After discovering it in a Twitter stream of random fashion consciousness today, and then devouring every last post—Courtney wearing Chloe at Heathrow; Court in a "naughty naughty secretary dress"—we noticed all that all five pages of pics were just posted today.

The newness of the blog explains CLC's impassioned fashion tweet deluge. Here's some of the highlights (from oldest to newest for your reading convenience!):

@courtneyloveuk Riccardo is the genius of Paris and will likely staY That way! i make reference to "Rick" alot thats because i was Rick Owens 1st client

@courtneyloveuk & hes a really good friend, by that i mean i know if i was in jail i could call; Rick Owens or Riccardo to bail me out,. ( quelle horruer!)

@courtneyloveuk not that i ever plan on ever getting in trouble again, ever, nope. im so sick of controversy i was almost sick w/ the washington post

@courtneyloveuk so anyway do you understand @sheliphotobug Balenciaga is a fashion house, with a provenance for a certain type of Glam. its very elite.

@courtneyloveuk except the trashy bags, that my REALLY snobby ( naming no names) Fashinista friends call "Barf Bags" which is super mean!

@courtneyloveuk but if your going to be the 2nd most expensive bag house after Kelly and Birkin at Hermes, then your going to get shot down i guess

@courtneyloveuk oh and after 55 you are supossed to start carrying KELLY bags, ill wait til i have 3 Birkins, when i have 3 thats ENOUGH and then get a K.

@courtneyloveuk anyway im going to help Taylor and the girls with it will explain itself!

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