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Celebs Who Celebrate The Beauty In Their Imperfections

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In this world where so many of us worry about what version of ourselves people see on social media, it's refreshing to find celebrities who are willing to share their imperfections, (and, we hesitate to even call them that, because truly, we all have qualities that don't match societal ideals and even ideals themselves vary from person to person). Accordingly, one woman's flaw may very easily be another's badge of honor!

Still, we all know what sorts of things take courage to share, and the very fact the following celebs made the decision to put themselves out there and be vulnerable is beautiful in its own right. And, it's also empowering because it's easy to believe celebrities are superhuman, when really, they grapple with many of the same challenges as the rest of us, (but have the added struggle of having to deal with haters and trolls word vomiting all over their feeds). Seriously, if you want to feel disgusted with humanity, read some of the comments people leave when women in the public eye put themselves out there.

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