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Celebs Who Keep it Real on Instagram

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Instagram: @theashleygraham
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It’s not just you—Instagram can really mess with a person’s head. The photoshopping, the washboard abs, the injected lips, the immaculate outfits, the endless enviable vacations. A stream of curated photos to convey flawless bodies and perfect lives. Even Beyonce isn’t immune to the impossible standards and scrutiny social media delivers. Which is why it’s so damn refreshing to see people who aren’t afraid to share unfiltered pieces of who they are.

It’s particularly powerful when a celebrity—someone with a lot of influence under society’s critical watch—is strong enough to expose their own perceived flaws and their own struggles. When they aren't afraid to be something different than what they're expected to be. When they're silly, imperfect, vulnerable, real. Just take a look at some of our favorite photos and captions from these Instagram heroes.

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