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Whitney Cummings
"I had to take a minute from posting an #honestgram about my emotional challenges because I was getting one too many "why aren't you being funny?" comments from people, so here's one about physical flaws. I am just as guilty as anyone for using filters to blow out skin imperfections, but I realized that people always looking perfect on social media was starting to make me feel terrible about myself, so I figured why not share some natural human occurrences AKA "flaws" to try and balance out the whole socially constructed impossible to achieve physical ideal thing, which has driven me to everything from dangerous medications to food restriction to general crippling insanity and insecurity. These two zits on my chin have shown up pretty much every two months since I was a teenager. I think it's because I always sit with my chin in my right hand when I work or maybe it's from taking on the phone. As annoying as they are, they've also been the most reliable thing in my life, so we've become homies and I no longer blast them with poison or try and squeeze them to death. And for today, I'm not going to erase them with an Instagram filter because maybe it will make at least one person feel less insecure."

Found on her Instagram here.