The Best Cheap Prom Dresses 2011

The Best Cheap Prom Dresses 2011Keeping reading to find the best cheap prom dresses 2011!

Amid a recession, teenage girls across the country are desperately searching for cheap prom dresses in 2011. And you know why? Because prom dresses are so expensive? Like wedding dresses, prom dresses are seen as extra special—that once-in-a-lifetime dress that you will never ever, ever forget—or regret.

But not so fast: Ask almost any grown woman to recollect her prom dress and you likely be met with an "Ugh!" followed by a tale of an overly trendy monstrosity that cost and arm and a leg. That's why you're smart to buy cheap prom dresses 2011!

Don't let the "cheap" in cheap prom dresses bum you out: Shopping on a budget will actually keep you in check: You will pay closer attention to the look and fit of your prom dress, without any distraction from what appears to be a pricey designer gown. Cheap prom dresses could really be nothing more than a terrific cocktail frock you'll wear again and again, sourced at store you already shop at anyway. We recommend searching for cocktail length dresses at retailers like Asos, H&M, Forever 21 and TopShop.

Check out favorite picks for cheap prom dresses 2011:
The Best Cheap Prom Dresses 2011Our #1 pick for cheap prom dresses 2011: Rose puffball dress by Rare Opulence at TopShop.

The Best Cheap Prom Dresses 2011TFNC structured one-shoulder dress in Georgia peach, $75 at Asos.

The Best Cheap Prom Dresses 2011
Windsor is a great source for cheap prom dresses 2011. We like this ruffled one-shoulder LBD for just $79.

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