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Cheesy Holiday Movies to Watch on Netflix

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It might be hard to get in the holiday spirit this year. Maybe you're bummed about the state of the world. Or you're about to have a personal budget crisis because you're a grownass woman who has to buy her own presents for her family now. Or you have no idea what to wear to your company holiday party. Let's not even get started on the 10 pounds you're going to gain from Christmas cookie consumption. In a nut(cracker)shell, things can be rough this time of year.

But don't get all Scrooge-y before December even rolls around! There's twinkle lights to be celebrated, peppermint lattes to be sipped, and plenty of amazing holiday flicks to watch on Netflix. There's nothing like an awesomely cheesy holiday flick to get you ready for Rudolph and creepy mall Santas, come on.