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Cleansing Oils That Will Change Your Skin (And Your Life)

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Calling all beauty aficionados and skincare-obsessed babes! Let's talk about cleansing oils. If you're already in on the hype, you know that this revolutionary skincare trend has pretty much taken the beauty world by storm. But not all cleansing oils are made equal!

Some are intended for use in the double cleansing method, while others can be used alone. And if you're not familiar with the double cleansing method? It's a two-part cleansing routine, in which a cleansing oil is first used on dry skin (with makeup on) to remove makeup and impurities, followed by another kind of cleanser. This second cleanser can either be a different formula facial wash (like cream, for example), or a second oil, based on your preference and skin type. 

If you're new to the cleansing oil game, you may find yourself questioning the use of botanical oils on skin, especially if you're like me and have combination skin, or are acne-prone. What do you mean, using oil on skin after all those years of strictly sticking to oil-free moisturizers and gel cleansers?!

Trust me, I'm on the same page — and I'm not kidding when I say that switching to cleansing oils has changed my skin, and my life, 1000% for the better.