Current Obsession: Pivotal Living Mobile App and Fitness Tracker

Current Obsession: Pivotal Living Fitness Tracker (Source: Pivotal Living)By no means am I a fitness buff, but after running a few half marathons and attempting to limit the amount of ice cream I consume on a weekly basis—still working on that one—I've learned that living a fit life means living a happy life. But investing in a healthier lifestyle shouldn't always mean shelling out hundreds of dollars for the latest and greatest gadget. That's exactly the philosophy behind my latest obsession: the Pivotal Living Pivotal Tracker 1.

The device works in conjunction with the Pivotal Living mobile app to track your daily fitness activities, including steps walked, workouts, calories burned and the amount (and quality) of sleep. The system syncs up with the app for a real-time view at your daily heath and fitness numbers. And if you've been a little lazy that day, the tracker sends a slight vibration to help give you the extra push you need to get moving. And finally, one of my favorite features of the tracker and app is the ability to set personal goals within the app and compete with friends and family in custom teams. A little office fitness competition, anyone?

Current Obsession: Pivotal Living Mobile App and Fitness Tracker (Source: Pivotal Living)
If you're thinking this all sounds like something you've seen in a fitness tracker before, brace yourself for the big reveal: The Pivotal Living Tracker costs a fraction of what you'd normally spend for a fitness device. With a price tag of $12 for a yearly subscription of the fitness service, users are given a complimentary fitness tracker. At the end of the year, if you decide to sign up for another 12 months of service, you have the option to receive a complimentary device refresh. So basically, pay $12 and get a new device each year.

And that's precisely why I'm so obsessed with this brand. Pivotal Living aims to make fitness devices available for the masses, and at a price point just about anyone can afford. So even if running a half marathon isn't on your to-do list, living a happy and healthy life can be.

Pivotal Living Membership and Pivotal Tracker 1, $12, at
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