Editor's Pick: The Product That Makes Contouring a Breeze

Sculpted cheek bones are now just a swipe away.

Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour, $21, at clinique.com
(Source: Clinique)

When I tell people that I contour on a daily basis, I'm usually greeted with incredulous stares and 'Are you serious?!' And I am, my friends—I love to contour. My daily routine does not encompass a full-on Kardashian approach. I focus mainly on the hollows under my cheekbones and the outer corners of my face. 

Thanks in large part to celebrity culture, contouring has become a mythic beast that most women believe takes a Herculean effort, makeup artist–level skills and piles of product. Not so! In fact, my daily contouring takes nothing more than the little stick you see above. Clinique's Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour ($21) is as swipe-and-go as it gets!

The oil-free formula glides on in one smooth stroke and, on lighter skin tones, the chunky stick deposits enough product that one swipe will truly cover it. Ladies with darker skin may need two swipes to get a darker contour. The product is perfectly matte (no seventh-grade shimmer here) and blends easily into the skin with just the warmth of your fingers to help it along. Plus, it lasts all day.

In addition to being ultra wearable, this contouring stick is perfect for travel. No more messy powders or brushes needed!

For a daily look, apply one swipe under your cheek bones and thoroughly blend into the skin. Then, apply a light stroke around your hairline ending at your temples and blend. You can also do two light strokes on either side of the bridge of your nose for a slimming effect.

Get your Clinique Chubby Contour stick, here.

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