Current Obsession: Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift

Current Obsession: Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift(Source: Juice Beauty)

I never found an extensive skincare routine necessary. A two-step face wash and moisturizer system was all l relied on. Who really needed—or had time—to bother using a mask, then cleanser, then toner, then moisturizer, then lash serum, then eye cream or some other combo? Eye creams in particular were a product I dismissed as something reserved for "older" women. 

Then, one too many all-nighters in college led to dark circles creeping up on my face that stuck no matter what. My face looked worn even after I learned to let myself get eight hours of shut-eye.

I recently tried Juice Beauty's Stem Cellular Instant Eyelift ($75) on a whim while diving into a new organic beauty routine. The package contains six sets of pure marine algae eye masks with six tubes of activator fluids. The combination mixes extracts from Vitamin C, cucumber, white tea and arnica (a flower), as well as stem cells from fruit seeds that firm your lids' delicate skin and fight damaging free radicals. 

I wore the eye masks for ten minutes while picking out an outfit and poof: the dark circles disappeared. The solution soothed, tightened and brightened my skin right away, like a natural concealer and highlighter. I might not have wrinkles now, but I think this eye treatment is sure working wonders for my future self. On top of that, I only use them once a week so my fuss-free skin routine stays in tact.

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