Current Obsession: Ojon's Cleansing Conditioner

Current Obsession: Ojon's Cleansing Conditioner(Source: Ojon)Hi my name is Caitlin, and I have incredibly thick hair. As in so thick, when I go to the salon they spend a good 50 minutes blow drying it—not styling, just drying. As fantastic as that sounds, it's also so coarse and frizzy there have been times when I've confused my hair with straw. (Alright, I might be exaggerating, but you know what I mean.) Because my hair is so thick and full, I never need to wash my hair two days in a row, and I rarely have to wash it more than three times a week. But because my hair is colored and coarse, conditioning regularly is a necessity. See my problem? Enter Ojon's new Cleansing Conditioner to save the day.

The conditioner is one of the latest products in the "low-poo" (that's low shampoo for all of you newbies) craze and is designed to be your go-to in between shampoos—think of it as a conditioner with a teensie bit of shampoo in it. When I gave this co-wash a go, I had lathered my hair the night before and just worked out that morning, so my strands weren't at their finest to say the least. But this hydrating cleanser left my mane feeling unbelievably soft as well as remarkably and unexpectedly clean. Now, don't get me wrong, my hair still had some of that second-day oomph and body that I like, but it didn't feel or look like it had skipped a shampoo. Most importantly, my ends felt soft and not straw-like at all.

Ojon's low-lather formula is great for people with wavy, curly, or otherwise unruly hair (like me!) because it minimizes the friction, which causes breakage and frizz, that comes from lathering up. Plus, it contains seven restorative oils, which are very hydrating for fried strands and/or ends. Basically, it just got so much easier to skip washes and still have amazing hair.

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