Editor's Pick: Finally, Tights That Don't Dig Into Your Waist

Take it from a tights lover—these are game changers.

(Wade & Belle Not Too Tights in Polka Dot, Black and Diamond, $20 each)
(Wade & Belle Not Too Tights in Polka Dot, Black and Diamond, $20 each)

I've always taken a temperature-be-damned approach to getting dressed. Thanks to my love for wearing dresses and skirts year-round, I've tried every pair of tights under the sun. When Wade & Belle's version landed on my desk, I was eager to find out what made them different. Now, I don't think I can ever go back to other pairs I swore by once upon a time.

The brand's Not Too Tights ($20) won me over with waist bands that don't dig into your middle, but rather sit as comfortably as underwear or yoga pants would. Instead of adjusting and tugging my tights all day to avoid the dreaded muffin top, I barely give them a thought—that's how comfortable they are. Miraculously, below the waist band the tights still have leg-shaping compression properties. Plus, there are two more styles, one sheer polka dots ($20) and the other diamond patterned ($20), to mix things up when you want a break from all-black.

Shop Wade & Belle's tights here.

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