Current Obsession: Aussie's 3-Minute Miracle Smooth Treatment

Current Obsession: Aussie's 3-Minute Miracle Smooth Treatment(Source: Aussie)There are a lot of things one can do in three minutes: Troll the majority of Instagram, scarf down at least one Snickers, send out a mass text for a post-work happy hour. However, we never thought getting smooth, non-frizzy hair would fall under that category. Then we met Aussie's new 3-Minute Miracle line, an extension of the brand's popular 3-Minute Miracle Condition cream that targets certain hair woes more specifically.

In the new 3-Minute Miracle Collection, there's a conditioner to target color, shine, strength, moisture, and smoothness. Currently, we're going crazy for the 3-Minute Miracle Smooth Treatment ($5.99), which has helped keep our frizzy strands in line during the latest round of winter weather. This easy-to-use conditioner (seriously, all you do is just massage it into your hair) contains ginseng root and olive oil to make hair seriously sleek and frizz-free. Simply twist the cap and apply a nickel-sized amount to strands. Let sit for three minutes and then rinse off. Not only did this treatment banish frizz post-washing, but it has warded off nasty, kinky hair for several days to follow.

This product left our ends so smooth, we're nominating this miracle-worker for beauty sainthood. 

Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Smooth Treatment, $5.99,
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