Current Obsession: Living Proof Instant Texture Mist

Current Obsession: Living Proof Instant Texture Mist(Source: Living Proof) What's the point of attempting effortless-looking bed head if it takes you an hour and forces you into a confined space while wielding a 300 degree hair tool? No half curl or limpid tousle is worth that amount of torture.

That's why we fell in love with Living Proof's Instant Texture Mist (5oz $26). The silicone- and oil-free spray makes it uber easy to add just the right dose of grit with minimal effort. And unlike some other texturizing products we've tried, Living Proof's spray coats hair with a flexible film that never strays near crunchy—or worse—greasy.

But let's get down to its real selling point: Jennifer Aniston. The actress, known just as well for her hair as her marriage to that certain other A-lister, is co-owner of Living Proof, and quite obviously a hair expert.

We imagine Aniston does just as we do to achieve a mussed 'do: spray Instant Texture Mist on clean, dry hair and let it air dry. On those days when Malibu is out of the picture, we fake ocean waves and scrunch the product into damp hair. Voilà! Aniston-approved beach hair. Come winter, or nights when a blow dry is mandatory, we'll add a spritz of the stuff to damp wet hair and walk away with piecey and defined tresses. 

Best of all, the Instant Texture Mist holds up. Neither Aniston nor we should have to settle for anything but a long-lasting commitment. Get your bottle here.