Current Obsession: Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

Come see how a dewy lip oil is saving this editor's winter-worn pucker.

Current Obsession: Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil
(Source: Clarins, Thinkstock; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)

A lot of things have changed since I was a child growing up in the Midwest. My style, my job, my choice of footwear, not to mention my hair color and apartment have changed at least four times. But one thing has remained the same: if it's winter, I will get chapped lips. They peel and crack and are downright miserable every winter. In fact, I can still hear my mom's voice telling me not to pick at my lips. 

My winter-ravaged chapped lips have been my Everest for years. But recently, a co-worker introduced me to a product that has made this winter (almost) bearable. Clarins' new Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil ($23) is a lip treatment that's as decadent as the gold packaging it comes in. Its plant-based ingredients—hazelnut, jojoba, mirabelle and raspberry oil—deliver nourishing care to my rough pout, providing an at-once seal of protection against winter wind, cold and misery.

The oil is dewy and smooth—giving lips a shiny, supple appearance. Although the clear formula of the honey comfort oil makes for an excellent daytime gloss, it's become somewhat of a ritual for me to use the oil as a nighttime lip treatment to seal in hydration while I sleep. I find the oil is so nourishing, when I wake my lips are smooth and soft—as if winter never happened. 

Oh, and mom, you'll be happy to know I don't pick at my lips anymore.

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