Current Obsession: OGX Vitamin B5 + Moisture Weightless Oil Mist

Restore your hair to healthy with this vitamin-infused spray.

Current Obsession: OGX Vitamin B5 + Moisture Weightless Oil Mist
(Source: OGX, Thinkstock; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)

I am a huge fan of haircuts. Whenever someone asks if they should chop their locks, my answer is always yes—hair grows back. But as I recently learned, haircuts are expensive (especially in New York City). Since moving here, my typical eight-week trim is no longer in the budget, leaving me sad and my hair even sadder. 

Current Obsession: OGX Vitamin B5 + Moisture Weightless Oil Mist
(Source: OGX)

Keeping my mane moisturized and healthy has been my latest obsession so I can stretch the span of my cut. Luckily for me, the StyleBistro office is filled to the brim with new beauty products to try. For someone with naturally greasy locks, I always refrained from using any sort of oil on my hair. That was until I tried OGX Vitamin B5 + Moisture Weightless Oil Mist ($8).

Restoring your hair is as simple as a spray. With a blend of vitamin B5, dehydrated strands get a dose of moisture with this lipid-rebuilding formula. After a shower, I mist the delicious-smelling product on my ends, concentrating it in areas that I feel need some life. A quick blow dry helps to infuse it into the hair shaft, leaving my strands soft and lively.  

Plus, it's great for curly hair, too. A friend of mine with waist-length tresses uses this oil as well, and credits her obedient and perky spiral strands to this formula. We went to dinner recently and both couldn't stop gushing over this weightless spray. 

Get your hands on OGX's Vitamin B5 + Moisture Weightless Oil Mist, here

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