Current Obsession: Osmosis Gelee Makeup Remover

Current Obsession: Osmosis Gelee Makeup Remover(Source: Thinkstock, Osmosis; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)The one thing I love the most about my favorite eye liner is also the thing I hate the most about it. From the second I apply the thick, dark black inky liner, it doesn't budge. It seriously takes an army of makeup remover wipes to get a clean eye. Naturally, I was intrigued when I heard that Osmosis Colour's new makeup remover claimed to "melt away" makeup. So I just had to get my hands on this so-called magic gel to give it a shot.

Current Obsession: Osmosis Gelee Makeup Remover(Source: Osmosis)The Melt Away Gelee ($16) comes in a little jar, and at first glance, it reminded me of those petroleum jelly pots I used to tote around in middle school. But I soon learned it's nothing like those gloppy products I thought were so great way back when. On the contrary, it's a rather clean, glop-free formula. In fact, it's paraben free and contains conditioning botanicals such as aloe vera and jojoba-oil extracts to break down makeup and impurities, thus giving the melting sensation.

And melt it does. I apply the gel to a cotton round, gently place it on my lid and with just one very soft swipe (no aggressive rubbing needed here), the majority of the makeup dissolves. This is great news for those concerned with the pulling and tugging of skin, especially around the eye area, which can cause the breakdown of collagen and increase the likelihood of wrinkles. But not only does the gel smooth off makeup quickly, it also leaves skin feeling clean and moist thanks to avocado oil and gogi-berry extract, which hydrate and fight free radicals for even more skincare benefits.

What I like best about this gelee is that it does exactly what it promises: glides off my makeup in about ten seconds which, after a long day of wearing a heavy cat eye, is all it takes to make me smile.

Osmosis Colour Melt Away Gelee Makeup Remover, $16, at
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