SkinOwl Body Oil

SkinOwl Body Oil(Source: Thinkstock, Skin Owl)Usually as a collective agreement, we editors over here at the StyleBistro HQ coo and gush over the same beauty products.  Every now and then, our different characters show—either by taste, style or even… age.  

After a recent sun-and-sea-filled vacation, I returned with just a hint of a glow (SPF is my best friend). Because I didn't burn, I naturally didn't expect to have much flaking—if any. I left the thought at that.  Cue to days later and I caught a glimpse of my black tights in daylight sun that seem to have mysteriously turned to a shade of charcoal.  Upon further investigation, they weren't mood-changing/ hypercolor/ chameleon-esque tights (although that's a cool idea); my skin was falling off.  

I always tout drugstore brands. Neutrogena Sesame Oil has been my soft-skin savior for two decades and won't leave the shower rack, but it was clear I needed something more. And while Neutrogena still has a place in my heart as the go-to summer oil, SkinOwl Body Oil will be what keeps me warm during these northern hemisphere winters. The thicker consistency absorbs quickly without any residue—which is key when getting dressed right out of the shower or bath. I don't know about your luxury loft paved with bars of gold, but my floor isn't heated and if I were skilled enought to get dressed in the shower without opening the door to let the warmth out, I would consider it a small gift from the heavens.

The product also scores bonus points on the anti-aging scale, as it's packed with antioxidants and plant oils that aid in reducing the appearance of inevitable stretch marks and skin discoloration (for all those years that SPF wasn't my best friend).  Sure, it's pricier than my other oil at $59, but a little goes along way. Let's put it this way: if I'm buying electrolyte-enriched alkaline water to hydrate from the local juicery, I surely owe my largest organ a thirst-quencher as well.
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