Current Obsession: Po Campo Midway Weekender

Current Obsession: Po Campo Midway Weekender(Source: Po Campo)It always seems that as the weather steadily gets warmer, our calendars increasingly start to fill up with day trips, weekend getaways and outdoor adventures. This year, we're going to be prepared for all manner of impending travels now that we've stumbled upon Po Campo's Midway Weekender ($95), which seems to address a dozen problems we didn't even realize needed solving. 

For instance, the size, which strikes the Goldilocks zone of being not too big to lug around yet not too small that it can't fit more than a few items. A removable shoulder strap allows you to convert it from a handheld tote to a cross-body bag for when you need to be hands-free, while a pair of front elastic straps solve the conundrum of where to stuff your jacket when it gets too hot but you can't be bothered to carry it (the area is also ideal for storing a yoga mat on the go).

The weather-resistant coated polyester is also insanely easy to clean—some dish soap and a damp towel should take care of most messes.
Current Obsession: Po Campo Midway Weekender(Source: Po Campo)But our favorite feature has to be the bottom zippered compartment for quarantining wet bathing suits, dirty clothes, and shoes. Have we mentioned that the bag is also vegan? And if you're wondering what to do with the carryall when you're not jet-setting, there's a simple solution: it lives a convincing double life as a gym bag.

Po Campo Midway Weekender in Sky Stripes Coated Poly, $95, at
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