Current Obsession: Item M6 Tights

Introducing the perfect pair of black opaque tights.

Current Obsession: Item M6 Tights
(Source: Item m6)

As I write this, it is below freezing in New York and I am wearing a minidress. Yesterday I wore a skirt, as I did the day before that and the day before that. I'm pretty positive shorts also made an appearance last week. Winter can't shake my adoration for girly dressing (and general aversion to pants). My wardrobe would be nothing without black tights, and I've finally found the perfect pair from German brand Item m6.

My hunt for ideal black tights dates back to my private school days, when wearing a skirt was not optional. Everything I've tried since has been too sheer, not warm, too short or barely able to withstand only a few days' wear. I'd even resort to clear nail polish or hair spray as DIY fixes for inevitable runs and holes to no avail.

Finally, I got my hands on a black pair of Item m6 tights ($88) that eradicated those problems. The fabric is shiver-proof thick, perfectly opaque and is sturdy enough to tug and pull without worrying about a rip. The tights sit taut at the waist and don't roll down—a major pet peeve of mine. In the same way new shoes need some breaking in, they can be tough to roll on at first. That is because of Item m6's compression technology that gives your gams a nice shape and claims to increase circulation. You can bet I'll be getting a few more pairs, and happily wearing my dresses and skirts through all seasons.

Get a pair here.

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