Current Obsession: Black Opal Even True Complexion Clearing Bar

Current Obsession: Black Opal Even True Complexion Clearing Bar(Source: Black Opal Even True Complexion Clearing Bar, $5)While technically I am way beyond my teenage years of awkward acne, breakouts still rear their ugly white heads on the far-too-frequent occasion I miss a cleansing routine. Recently, I was in the market for an alternative to a micro-bead exfoliator that wasn't so harmful to the planet. Attracted to the idea of a bar because of the minimal waste involved (no plastic container to discard after use and no more tiny beads making their way into the ocean), I was still skeptical that a bar of soap would be as effective on my oily skin as a scrub.

Black Opal's complexion clearing bar, from its skin-brightening Even True collection, was a welcome surprise. Although the line is formulated for women of color, I have found it also improves my fair-toned face. Gentle enough for daily use, the salicylic acid promotes natural exfoliation and alleviates the bacteria from acne. Meanwhile, all-natural ingredients provide other indulgent benefits: refreshing peppermint and eucalyptus paired with moisture-rich shea butter that soothes rather than dries out your face. It doesn't take much to work up a meaningful lather—one that will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated after each use. Loaded with all the makings of a luxury bath product, this simple solution is only $5.

Get your hands on the one-digit wonder here: Black Opal Even True Complexion Clearing Bar, $5, at
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