Editor's Pick: The Cleansing Conditioner That Will Make You a Co-Washing Convert

In short, this writer is never using shampoo again.

The Cleansing Conditioner That Will Make You a Co-Washing Convert
(Source: R+Co)

If you're not familiar with co-washing, let me break it down for you: Instead of shampooing the hair and then following with a conditioner, a specially-designed cleansing conditioner—the "co" in co-wash—cleans and moisturizes in one simple step. While skipping lather, rinse, repeat may sound like shower blasphemy, the end-result of smooth, shiny hair is well worth it. 

When R+Co's Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner ($29) entered my life, I had already done my homework on the hair-washing trend. Since it still cleanses strands without stripping the natural "good" oils, I figured it would be a gentler alternative for my thick, color-treated hair. After using it for about a month, I am so pleased with the current state of my mane that I'll probably never use shampoo again—or at least not until I accidentally run out of the good stuff.

R+Co Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner, $29, at Neiman Marcus 
R+Co Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner, $29, at Neiman Marcus 
(Source: R+Co)

My locks are softer and more manageable than they've ever been thanks to an argan oil, horsetail extract and antioxidant-rich green tea formula crafted for all hair types. Plus, it smells great, and I've noticed a lot less color bleed-out in the shower—an unfortunate side effect of having dyed-red tresses.

Since my hair is naturally on the greasy side, I was worried that skipping a deep-suds session would cause my roots to go haywire and produce oil like crazy. Wrong. I found that my day-two hair was about the same—if not a little less oily, actually—than it is with a traditional wash. (After all, that's what dry shampoo is for.) 

Unlike other co-washes, Analog is a foam, which is incredibly satisfying to use. The light, shaving cream–like texture glides perfectly into strands and immediately does its job. Lightly lather the multi-tasking product on from root to ends and rinse. You'll be left with silky, light-as-air hair.

Say goodbye to your shampoo and give co-washing a go with Analog, here.

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