Current Obsession: Dr. Dennis Gross's Clinical Concentration Boosters

Current Obsession: Dr. Dennis Gross's Clinical Concentration Boosters(Source: Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Boosters, $58)Like a fickle pal or a needy boyfriend, our combination skin is classic high-maintenance. Depending on the time, weather, and our stress level and diet, our skin falls anywhere from full-on oil slick to scaly and congested. And that’s just our chin.

Enter Dr. Dennis Gross’s Clinical Concentrate Boosters kit ($58), a trio of power serums designed to address the face’s ever-changing needs. Before we even fell in love with the targeted solutions (“Radiance” to wake up dull skin, “Hydration” to moisturize, and “Purifying” to tone and tighten pores), we fell in love with the concept: you can blend a custom cocktail depending on what your skin needs that day, apply different boosters to different trouble zones, or super-charge your existing makeup and skincare by adding a few drops of the paraben-free serums.

Thankfully, the power formulas live up to their promise. Purifying, a blend of skin-clearing willow bark and exfoliating lactic acid, effectively tones our T-zone and keeps oil at bay throughout the day. Radiance, which packs a punch of retinol and glycolic acid, is best dabbed under our shadow-prone eyes, or mixed into our drugstore moisturizer for an all-over pick-me-up. And the super-cooling Hydration is our hands-down favorite. We swipe a concentrated mix of hyaluronic chronospheres and healing centella asiatica across our chin and cheeks each night for a power-punch of moisture.

This routine is, of course, totally subject to change depending on our complexion’s whims. But at least now we’re armed and ready.