Current Obsession: Misfit Shine Fitness and Sleep Tracker

This minimalist gadget is the best merge of fashion, fitness and tech we've seen.

Current Obsession: Misfit Shine Fitness and Sleep Tracker
(Source: Misfit)

Fitness trackers are as ubiquitous as smart phones nowadays. Despite my love for working out, however, I was never much of a fan of most trackers. They felt too clunky and their rubber bands, no matter how skinny, were always a bit of an eyesore amid a collection of wrist adornments. The exception: Misfit's Shine fitness and sleep tracker ($100), the best device I've seen combine fashion, fitness and tech.

The tracker, which itself is a circular object reminiscent of a coin, is highly customizable. It takes a more minimalist approach, only using mini lights to indicate how close you are to reaching your daily activity goal and the time. Aside from coming in ten colors, you can wear the tracker as a pendant in a necklace ($80), with leather band bracelets ($50) or use the clip that comes with the package to wear it anywhere, from hidden at your bra strap to your belt loop or shoelaces—wherever is best reflective of your activity.

Current Obsession: Misfit Shine Fitness and Sleep Tracker
Source: Shine

Shine is also versatile in terms of functionality. Unlike most other trackers, Shine is waterproof up to 50 meters so you can swim with it. Plus, there's no need to charge it, and its battery lives for several months. To set a "goal," you choose a number—mine is 1,000 points. Conveniently, Shine gives you an idea of what that entails: walking for 1.5 hours, running for 30 minutes or swimming for 45 minutes.

It also tracks how many steps you take in a day and calories burned, but just know that you'll see your total number of calories burned a day—resting state (what you need to keep your body alive) and physical activity combined. If you're looking for an estimate of exactly how many calories you burned on a run, you won't get that. It's much more effective to focus on your point goal since it reflects only your active movement. After trying it, out I can guarantee it's accurate—to reach my 1,000-point goal, I ran intensely for 30 minutes and achieved it.

Current Obsession: Misfit Shine Fitness and Sleep Tracker
Source: Kristina Rodulfo; Shine

If you are big on counting calories, however, Shine can sync with other apps where you log meals and exercise, like MyFitnessPal, seamlessly. Similarly to the app Rise, you can also log images of your meals to remember what you ate and keep track of healthy portions.

The sleep tracking function has actually been one of my favorite features as well. You set an hour goal and see the next day how well you slept to make changes accordingly. I noticed, for example, that I get a deeper sleep when I use Shine's sleep sounds function for 30 minutes while I doze off.  Needless to say, Shine has truly become my all-in-one gadget for health and fitness.

Get the Shine tracker here.

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