Editor's Pick: The Skincare System to Change How You View Aloe

Science has never looked so beautiful.

Editor's Pick: The Skincare System to Change How You View Aloe
(Source: Sustainable Youth)

There's only one thing that gets me more excited than trying out a new skincare product—a skincare product that actually works. But with Sustainable Youth, I got an entire line of products that do just that. From an Ultra Creamy Cleansing Lotion that doubles as a makeup remover ($100) to a nourishing night serum ($150), this is a total care line that can rival any current skincare faves.

What first drew me to the new luxury skincare brand was the talk of this new patent-pending complex, alasta, that stems from the aloe vera leaf—not the typical gel. When you dig deeper into the science behind alasta, you learn the complex acts as an immunostimulatory agent that signals macrophages (a fancy word for white blood cells) to get to work. These macrophages are the skin's way of repairing, restoring and making itself look younger and healthier. As if that wasn't enough to get your high school nerd-self excited, this is the first advancement in the world of aloe vera—in 6,000 years. 

Okay, so enough of the science talk. Does it work? When I first started trying the products, I admit I was skeptical. But after religiously using the entire system—Cleansing Lotion, Firming and Revitalizing Serum, Night Serum and Eye Treatment—for a month, my skin transformed from fine to great. Within a few days, I noticed my skin was smoother, clearer and just a bit more glowing. The cream was moisturizing and plumping, while the serum was never oily or greasy. And by the end of the month, my skin was looking better than I've seen it look in a long, long time.

Although I really swear by using the entire collection together, it does run on the pricier end of the beauty spectrum. However, if there was one must-invest product, it would hands down be the Ultra Creamy Cleansing Lotion. With a price tag of $50, not only is this an affordable option, but it works as a makeup remover, facial cleanser and moisturzier—all in one.

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