Editor's Pick: A Pen To Make Pores a Thing of the Past

Trust us, this is one product you're going to need to add to your beauty bag.

Editor's Pick: A Pen To Make Pores a Thing of the Past
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I know what you're thinking: Another product to make pores smaller, yeah, right. Trust me, I'm probably the most skeptical person around—especially when it comes to pores. I've been using strips, masks, exfoliators, tools, you name it for years. And to no avail, my pores look just about the same—not horrible but definitely not good. 

So I must admit, I too was dubious when another product claiming to make my pores a thing of the past landed in my lap. And yet my hesitation has waned to a faint whisper with the BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz Dermstick For Pores. The pen-like tool is totable, requires only one, maybe two clicks to produce a tiny drop of product, and entirely unassuming. Little did I know this was one powerful product.

Packed full of Dr. Schultz's BeautyRx Pore Complex, aka a blend of ingredients the doctor explains are key to decreasing the appearance of pore size, and another of his favorite ingredients—glycolic acid—this nighttime treatment basically exfoliates the sludge from your pores and "shrinks," if you will, the look of pores. Simply click for the solution to appear on the silicone brush, paint around and rub in.

Although I've been using this item for a few weeks and have truly noticed a difference in the appearance of my pores, there's one thing to know before giving this magical tool a go: it takes patience. This is not Harry Potter's wand that will make all of your problems disappear. It's a legit, powerful skincare tool whose directions need to be followed. I made the mistake of over-applying the product for the first week (seriously, just one pump will do it) and suffered the wrath of glycolic acid which, for anyone who doesn't know, is incredibly drying and can make skin red. Not a good look.

Bottom line: It's imperative to follow the instructions and use only at nighttime, only a small amount of product and use with a soothing moisturizer to combat any dryness. Now that I've mastered the application and my skin is used to the power of the Dermstick, I can't imagine my beauty bag without it.

Beauty Rx by Dr. Schultz Dermstick for Pores, $29, at hsn.com

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