Current Obsession: Pursoma Digital Detox Bath

Current Obsession: Pursoma Detox Bath(Source: Thinkstock, Pursoma)January is all about starting over—a time to reboot and refresh. I’m not into cleanses or swearing off my favorite bad habits, but I am onboard with decompressing and making a note this time of year to take care of myself.

My renewal usually starts with making a point to eat a bit healthier and drink a little less alcohol. I also remind myself to take the time to smell the roses (or cold winter air) and de-stress. When we recently covered the growing trend of detox baths, I—as a nightly bath taker—was intrigued.

I tried Pursoma’s Digital Detox Bath ($32) and am quite frankly obsessed. The ingredients are comprised of sea salts and the softest clay powder from the seabeds of Brittany, France. I truly felt as if I was at a spa in the foothills of the coastal town. While I'm not sure if my body was actually free of toxins, my mind sure felt like it and, let's face it—that's key. Whether you're under the weather or just need a breather, there are a variety of concoctions to cure any ailment.

Get your very own French spa experience, here.
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