Current Obsession: Impressions by Isotoner Mittens

These budget-friendly hand warmers never leave our side.

(Source: Target)

I can see you staring at your screen and wondering why a style website is recommending you buy mittens. I get it. In the world of cold weather accessories, they're the underdog. Sleek leather gloves are the fashionable choice for sure, and for quite a while I wore them—and my hands froze. 

Then, a friend had me try her mittens on a particularly frigid day and I couldn't believe what I was feeling. The insides of these babies are like little sleeping bags made of clouds. When she said she found them at Target, and for a steal, I was sold. 

Isotoner's Impressions mittens ($20) come in six different colors and patterns. They have kept my hands warm even when temperatures hit single digits and not even icy wind can get through their tightly woven fabric. They may not be the most practical of hand wear (no typing on smart phones) but if you want a cozy alternative to your usual gloves, these mittens can't be beat.

Get your own pair, here.

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