Current Obsession: 100% Pure Pomegranate Lip Glaze

Current Obsession: 100% Pure Pomegranate Lip Glaze(Source: Thinkstock; 100% Pure)

True story: I never wore lipstick until I was 19. In fact, I straight-up avoided it until a boss gifted me one and insisted I try it on the spot. That day, a love affair with lipstick started and I never looked back. I collected pinks, corals and berries to my heart's content but became very picky with red. Red lips are the ultimate classic beauty look worn by glamorous icons from Marilyn Monroe to Taylor Swift—I wanted to get it right. 

After going through every popular brand's version of the scarlet hue, I finally found my perfect pick from a lesser-known vegan beauty company. 100% Pure's Lip Glaze in Pomegranate ($18) has not left my purse since I got my hands on it a few weeks ago. The true-red shade is just right—neither too orange nor too pink, like other ones I've tried. Plus, the strong color payoff comes from a mix of fruit and vegetable pigments instead of synthetic dyes. It leaves a nice sheen and moisturizes with avocado and cocoa butters to nourish your pucker.

I've yet to try more shades from 100% Pure but I can bet I'll be adding even more tubes to my collection in no time. 

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