Current Obsession: Le Couvent de Minimes

Current Obsession: Le Couvent de Minimes(Source: Le Couvent des Minimes, Thinkstock)I've been on a quest for the last few years to eliminate as many toxins from my beauty routine as I possibly can. Some changes proved easy—I actually prefer organic oils and natural cleansers to my old stuff. However, finding a natural alternative to antiperspirant seemed like an impossible task.

I tried no less than 15 brands—I kid you not. Each one was more disappointing than the last. There were ones that burned when you applied them. Ones that smelled like the inside of a hippie's van. And there were ones that flat out didn't work. I stumbled upon Le Couvent de Minimes deodorant ($14) toward the end of my grand experiment and I shoved it in the back of my cabinet without even trying it—totally burnt out from my bad experiences with other natural deodorants. 

In recent months, I rediscovered the pretty little bottle and decided to give it a whirl again. Even my chemical-laden drugstore antiperspirants had been disappointing me of late, leaving raw skin and a less-than-desirable smell in their wake (even "unscented" formulas smelled obnoxious to me at this point).

Current Obsession: Le Couvent de Minimes(Source: Le Couvent de Minimes)I started using Le Couvent des Minimes religiously. It's a roll-on that requires some drying time so I apply right after a shower and do my makeup while it dries. It took my body about a week to adjust to the absence of all those toxins from my usual deodorants. I fretted that this little natural wonder wouldn't keep me scent-free at all, let alone dry. I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised.

This stuff works. It smells heavenly. The light citrus fragrance is adult, subtle and lasts through a long day. It's a welcome change for me. Who decided we wanted our pits smelling like cucumber dream and mocha latte swirl? Plus, this formula even keeps me dry. Granted, not as dry as an antiperspirant but I feel infinitely better knowing I'm not layering on harmful aluminum with every swipe.

Made with alum stone (a mineral that naturally fights odor and purifies skin) and essential oils in a small town in Provence, France, this formula has the spirit of an Old World remedy that I love. The packaging is gorgeous and what's inside is just as good. I've found my holy grail of natural deodorants and I'm spreading the word!

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