Current Obsession: CoverGirl truBLEND FIXSTICK Concealer

Current Obsession: CoverGirl truBLEND FIXSTICK Concealer(Source: CoverGirl)For being a beauty girl, I must admit there are a few products I managed to steer clear of for a while. Up until now, concealer was one of them. How did I hide my blemishes without a concealer, you ask? Unfortunately, not at all or very poorly with whatever foundation I could find is the real answer. But recently I discovered a magic little tool that's eased me into the world of concealers. And now I'll never turn back.

CoverGirl's truBLEND FixStick Concealer ($8.99) is the one product (besides my eyeliner, duh) that I just can't imagine leaving the house without. Its twist-up stick acts as an eraser, as I watch my dark eye circles, blemishes, and scars quietly go away when applied. I just dab a bit on here and there (as needed) and either blend with my finger or, when I'm feeling really fancy, a concealer brush. The stick goes on really smooth and doesn't disappear when you blend. Most importantly, you can't even tell it's on. It doesn't clump or cake, and it doesn't give those spooky under-eye rings that made me afraid of concealer in the first place.

And the best part about this little magic stick is at $8.99, I can stock up for the whole year in one trip to the drugstore. Talk about beauty hoarding in the best way possible.
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