Current Obsession: Oribe Gold Lust Haircare

Current Obsession: Oribe Gold Lust Haircare(Source: Thinkstock, Oribe)Having worked as a beauty editor for a few years, there were two things I'd constantly hear but never truly comprehended: (1) that a great blowout starts in the shower and (2) how amazing Oribe haircare products are. Seriously, the high-end Miami-based line might as well be made of chocolate—everyone loves it (Rachel Zoe even uses it exclusively in her DreamDry blowout salons).

When I recently tried Oribe's new Gold Lust collection, you could say I had somewhat of an epiphany on both fronts. I decided to give the Repair & Restore Shampoo ($48), Repair & Restore Conditioner ($49) and Balm d'Or Heat Styling Shield ($43) a spin before blow drying my hair for my husband's black-tie-optional work event—in other words, I needed to dress to impress—and boy did I pick the right occasion to bust these puppies out.

Current Obsession: Oribe Gold Lust Haircare(Source: Oribe)I could tell immediately when I started to suds up that some sort of magic was happening to my follicles. All of the Gold Lust products contain restorative cypress, argan and maracuja oils, offering the kind of deep moisturization that makes your tresses feel silky and effortlessly detangled under the running water.

But the goodness doesn't stop there: coupled with the lightweight styling lotion, the products made my naturally curly hair a breeze to style, cutting my normal blow-dry time in half. Whereas a normal at-home blow out necessitates a follow-up with a flatiron, lest I look like a frizzy version of Diana Ross, I hardly had to use more than a few passes to get my desired sleek strands. Speaking of hot tools, this collection also protects hair from heat damage, and, like all Oribe products, it just flat out smells amazing—like luxury incarnate, really.

Current Obsession: Oribe Gold Lust Haircare(Source: Oribe)
So you must be wondering, what's the catch? Well, these products are a serious splurge and as effective as they are, they need to be rationed accordingly. From now on, I'll be reaching for my Gold Lust arsenal when prepping for weddings, high-powered meetings, Fashion Week and any other special occasions where I need to bring my A-game.

For those otherwise average days when I'm craving a taste of the good (hair) life, I'll indulge in the collection's Transformative Masque ($62), a rinse-out treatment that resuscitates lackluster manes in the five or ten minutes it sits on your strands.
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