Current Obsession: Authentic Skin Remedies

 Current Obsession: Authentic Skin Remedies

(Source: Authentic Skin Remedies Cleanse Sulfate Free Calming Gel, $42; Soothe Anti-Inflammation Masque, $45; Balance Seawater Facial Mist, $33)

I used to think that being seen without makeup was the ultimate crime. I couldn't even run errands without a layer of foundation, and perhaps that stems from my biggest insecurity of all: my skin. From ugly breakouts to dry patches and an oily T-zone, my relationship with my skin has been dreadful at best. As a teen I tried all of the drugstore brands, Proactiv and multiple dermatologists' medicinal recommendations. I used to have a rule: the more a product stings, the better it is. Little did I know how combining all of those harmful chemicals could have an opposite effect in the longterm.

Amy Rueda, founder of Authentic Skin Remedies, used similar acne-fighting products before she was diagnosed with stage three neuroendocrine system cancer. When she found out it had environmental links and was hormonally based, she set out to detoxify her life and find a solution. Now cancer-free, Rueda creates plant-based botanical skincare products that make up my new skincare routine.

Authentic Skin Remedies not only features organic ingredients but also limits your carbon footprint by offering a line of multipurpose, unisex products. The Balance Seawater Facial Mist, for example, is now my toner, refreshing hair mist and deodorant all in one. A spritz of it softens skin in seconds. The Soothe Cooling Masque of aloe, eucalyptus and lemongrass treats both breakouts and sunburns as a mask or overnight treatment, so that I wake up with a smooth face.

Needless to say, I've chucked my old skincare products for good. And going makeup-free? No longer a problem.

Shop the full Authentic Skin Remedies skincare line here.

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