Current Obsession: Sania Brow Pencil

Current Obsession: Sania's Brow Pencil(Source: Instagram/Saniasbrowbar)Beauty confession of the day: my eyebrows are lopsided. Really. They grow in that way and so it has always been. The right side is full and lovely and everything a little brow should be, while the left side is sad and sparse. Last year, about six months before I got married, I panicked. I realized my brows were going to be immortalized forever in our (very costly) wedding photos and I sprang into action.

Some aggressive Googling yielded a single name—Sania. With piles of praise in every magazine known to womankind and a celebrity roster of clients, she was the woman I needed to see. Sure enough, she transformed my brows with some strategic tweezing and a few swipes of her magical mechanical brow pencil. Leaving her cozy studio I felt powerful, I felt sassy, I felt like...Beyonce (yeah, girl).

Great brows enhance the look of your entire face and I'm a Sania convert for life. I won't let anyone else (myself included) touch my brows, and I'm on my fifth or sixth pencil. If you don't live in New York City, you may not be able to visit Sania in person (although I wouldn't blame you if you booked a trip just so you could), but now you can have her spectacular brow pencil ($28) delivered to your home thanks to QVC.

I love this pencil for so many reasons. It's perfectly angled so you can sweep it over your brows with ease when filling in, but it's also ideal for creating quick strokes to mimic the look of hair. Every other brow product I've used—and I've tried amounts in the double digits—has either been too soft, making it prone to smudging, or too waxy, leaving me unable to blend. This pencil is the perfect in-between texture. It even comes with a spooly comb on one end to assist in blending.

See Sania work her brow magic and get your own pencil here.
Current Obsession: Sania's Brow Pencil(Source: Instagram/Saniasbrowbar)
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