Current Obsession: Davines This is a Salt Spray

Current Obsession: Davines This is a Salt Spray
(Source: Davines)There's only one time of year when it's acceptable to have unbrushed, untidy, big and textured hair—summer time. The just-hopped-out-of-the-water style is not only my favorite look during the sizzling summer heat, but it's my badge of honor. I take pride in my voluminous mermaid hair that comes after a long, sun-and-salt-soaked day at the beach. But because I'm a not a mega-millionaire (yet) and haven't figured out how to move the StyleBistro offices to the beach, most of my summer days are spent in the office. For those days when I'm not able to make it to the beach but still want to look like I have, I reach for my salt spray. 

Lately, I've been playing around with Davines This is a Salt Spray ($28)—great name, right?—to fake the mermaid look. The family-owned Italian brand created a wonderfully packaged sea salt that delivers volume and texture to my already wavy hair. For me, a few spritzes on damp hair is enough to activate my natural waves and create a full-bodied, slightly untidy 'do. The spray's formula also gives a touch of a dry, matte finish, which is ideal for feigning swimmer's hair.

And because the ingredients are released gradually, the product's effects last longer and keep hair moisturized throughout the day. Foregoing a brush and simply scrunching my hair with my hands, I'm able to create a textured tousle that will hold me over until my next beach fix.
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