Current Obsession: Re/Dun Denim

Current Obsession: Re/Dun Denim(Source: Re/Dun)When it comes to the ever-burgeoning niche denim market, our general stance is this: as long as it makes our butt look good, we don't care if it's locally-sourced, small-batch-rinsed or personally shredded by denim demigods in a solar-powered studio. But when we heard about Re/Dun, a just-launched label specializing in re-cut vintage jeans ($221–$250), we couldn't help but fall in love with the one-of-a-kind baby blues. 

Current Obsession: Re/Dun Denim(Source: Re/Dun Relaxed Straight, $240)And when we say one-of-a-kind, we mean it: founders Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur comb through vintage rag houses to find each pair of the old-school Levi's, then re-cut them in two flattering, modern silhouettes. The resulting styles—the boyish, slouchy “Relaxed Straight” and the more form-fitting “Skinny Straight”—look like you found them at Goodwill, but fit like you found them at Barney's. And with varying rinses and original rips and shreds, each pair boasts its own distinct character.

Current Obsession: Re/Dun Denim(Source: Re/Dun Straight Skinny, $232)Re/Dun is slowly adding more pairs to the site after most of its original 50-pair batch sold out. But consider yourself warned: these babies get snatched up quickly, so if you find a pair you love in your size, don't hesitate.