Current Obsession: Pointe Studio Socks

Current Obsession: Pointe Studio Socks(Source: Pointe Studio)When it comes to dragging our lazy butts to the gym, we'll take any form of motivation—especially when it's an excuse to purchase cute workout gear. So when we stumbled upon the adorable ankle socks from new brand Pointe Studio, we knew we'd found just the thing to get our feet moving in the right direction.
Current Obsession: Pointe Studio Socks(Source: Pointe Studio; Tribeca in Yellow, Mercer in Teal, $10 each)The fashion-forward label is the sister company to Richer Poorer, which creates whimsical printed dress socks, meaning you can expect the same bold colors, fun geometric patterns and comfortable combed-cotton blend in a more athletic silhouette.

But the anklets ($10) don't favor form over function: Each pair boasts compression arch support, silicone grips on the sole for much-needed traction, and a lip with ankle padding so you don't get those painful achilles blisters from your sneakers. The only thing they don't protect you from is the guaranteed jealous stares from fitness classmates wearing sad plain-white socks.
Current Obsession: Pointe Studio Socks(Source: Pointe Studio; Broadway in Purple, Crosby in Grey, $10 each)You can view the full collection and purchase a pair here.
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